Welcome to
Desi's Restaurant Bar & Grill!

1527 Clinton St. Cor. Bailey Ave. Buffalo, NY 14206

Phone 822-8630

 Located just 10 minutes away from Downtown Buffalo, we are the perfect place to stop before any downtown event. We feature some of the most creative submarine sandwiches anywhere. We also have a vast array of snacks and appetizers including our famous Buffalo chicken wings. Fresh Beer-Battered Haddock is served every Friday.

We also feature a full bar serving your favorite wines, beers & cocktails!

Kitchen Hours:

Monday & Tuesday 11am - 6pm.

Wed. Thurs & Friday 11am - 9pm.

​Sat. & Sun. Closed

Beer-Battered Fresh Haddock

Every Friday

Meatball Parmesan Submarine

Taco Sub

Chicken Wings

1527 Clinton Street, Cor. Bailey

Buffalo NY 14206


We Don't Just Say It, We Really Do Have The Best Subs In Town!

Weekly Specials

Assorted meat submarine sandwich


ROASTBEEF, REUBENS, SEAFOOD & Much more.........

 Desi's Restaurant Bar & Grill

Our famous steakfries

Roast Beef

Try our famous steakfries with gravy & melted mozzerella!